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01 Aug

Anonymous said: Please explain why George Galloway is shit? I'm genuinely ignorant about it bc I heard him on a radio show defending Palestine and his argument was actually valid



I’ve already posted screenshots of his offensively ignorant dismissal of Palestinian Christians. I mean that ought to be enough to demonstrate why he’s shit.

George Galloway’s support for Arab and Muslim causes has nothing to do with caring for people. It is a reactionary stance that stems from his opposition to his own government. I say this because he’s supported every dictatorship in the Middle East that is not aligned with the West. He defended Saddam Hussein when he was in power. He lies about the Syrian revolution, referring to the Assad regime as “the last castle of Arab dignity.” He’s also a supporter of the Iranian regime, including hosting a program on the regime-run news station Press TV. He does not care and has never expressed any genuine concern for the people who are hurt by these regimes.

Additionally, he is way, way too comfortable criticizing Arabs and Muslims in general. In his last elections, he claimed he was a better Muslim than his Muslim opponent. In another incident, he lectured an Arab audience, “If I have one message which I have been trying to deliver for 40 years, it is this: the only thing stopping you from uniting is you," minimizing all the western machinations in the Middle East and beyond. This type of crass pandering, contempt, and delusions of grandeur cannot be divorced from the fact that he is a white man from an imperialist country. And when the people he is supposedly an ally to challenge him on his rhetoric and behavior, he often calls them zionists or imperialists.

How can this man be our ally?

And he’s a rape apologist.

01 Aug

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i thought i would stop after the first one but uh

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AU where Gryffindor are the stuck up, blood purist house. They’re the white knights of Hogwarts and Wizarding Britain-but knights ride roughshod over the peasantry.

from ‘The Four Loves’ by C.S. Lewis: “The danger is that this partial indifference or…

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makisekurisus said: the best example I've heard against losers who use "not all men": "When you go to the pool and the lifeguard tells everyone to stop running, if you weren't running in the first place, you can safely assume that they weren't talking to you anyway. It's not necessary to call attention to the fact that you weren't running."




This is in fact an absurd example. One can assume safely that the pool-goers not protesting are not near the runners in question and that the lifeguard’s attention is focused when the whistle is blown and the command uttered.

The accusation against men who say “not me” are responding to blanket statements of “men are jerks because they do ‘x’ ” which seems to include all men in its circumference of guilt. What should be said is “men who do ‘x’ are jerks,” which narrows the circle down to a narrow spotlight on those who perform the guilty action (running by the pool in this case).

If you’re tired of dealing with “not me” statements, consider the language you’re using— it may have more to do with the reasons why there are protests than you think.

Oh look, a guy with a porn blog is here to mansplain us silly ladies about how “not all men.”  Thanks for the tone-policing, broseph.

Okay so I grew up in a tourist town and the town’s economy heavily depends upon tourism, okay?  And I’ve worked jobs in that town (because duh it’s my hometown) that required me to deal with said tourists.


Tourists don’t read signs.  Tourists maybe do read signs, but somehow think they don’t apply to them.  Like the guy who came in the exit “because the entrance was closed” THAT IS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT OPEN YET (hours clearly posted, it was 6:30 AM, omfg).  Tourists are legend for asking questions like “at what altitude do deer turn into elk?” and “where are the mountains?” and so forth (hi it’s a small mountain town).  Also, they don’t know how to drive.  They don’t follow speed limits because they’re too busy ogling the mountains or doing whatever.

I’ve had tourists walk out into the middle of the street in front of me, while I’m driving a car, without looking, to take pictures.

Fucking tourists, man.  They’re a fucking nightmare.

OH BUT WAIT IT’S NOT ALL TOURISTS.  I am just venting and telling stories about the worst and most inconsiderate ones!  I mean the good tourists, I don’t even really notice because they are fine and behave like reasonable people!  But anyone from a tourist town knows EXACTLY what I am talking about when I start to complain about tourists.

It’s the same damn thing.  If you’re not one of THOSE tourists, then you’re not who we’re complaining about.  Although let’s be real anyone who’s been a tourist has probably done something foolish because you’re unfamiliar with the territory, and wow this analogy is really apt because the same thing goes for men too!  It’s like when you’re unaware of something, say, patriarchal privilege or local customs, you are probably going to make mistakes sometimes that annoy, say, underprivileged people or locals!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Learn where your privilege-unawareness is and become aware.